Red Rock Disappearing Act

In honor of my impending trip to Las Vegas this afternoon, I felt I would touch on the erosion of the Red Rock Canyon.

The picture above shows how the cliffsides of the mountain are eroding away due to weather. While this does look beautiful and is very fun to hike around, this is a major problem due to eventual land loss. Future generations will only have pictures of what this majestic landscape once looked like. Not only weather, but run-off also plays a significant part of the land washing away due to the chemicals in the run-off which speed up the erosion process.

While I hope to hit the big jackpot while in Vegas, at least I can rest easy knowing that if I run out of money trying to hit said jackpot...I will always be able to head outside and enjoy what nature gave us while it's still here.

We would love to see some of your favorite places to visit that may be eroding. In the comment section, please share pictures and a few coments about your favorite places!