No Studies Needed to Make a Difference

New studies are being produced all of the time and some of them are just ridiculous; "British scientists have found that 40% of the 60% of people who eat Cheetohs will also eat Fritos."

While studies like these actually exist somewhere, they don't really tell people anything! They also make it easy for people to just gloss over studies in general because we are inundated by them on a regular basis.

It's because of this over-exposure that, instead of giving you statistics or telling you about a "new study", we will just let you know some of the causes that are impacting food production, clean water sources, and soil erosion.

  • Population growth
  • Urbanization
  • Increasing pollution
  • Climate Variations
These are the areas where we can make a difference by reducing our footprint on the earth and by creating more sustainable practices. While you can't just come out and tell people "Don't have kids!" We can inform people on the effects of overpopulation on the environment. We can also make small changes in our daily routine in order to lessen the impact of pollution on the Earth. Maybe it's carpool to work, or ride your bike instead of driving.
While new studies will come out all of the time, we don't need them to tell us that change is needed. It's the little changes in your daily routine that, while it may seem small, will have a major impact if everyone adopts the same attitude.
Who knows, we may even see a study about how changes in your daily life are helping to reduce soil erosion and promote sustainability! Either that or we'll find out that you do in fact "eat Cheetos and Fritos."