Losing Ground

Off the delta region coast of Nigeria, where 90 percent of their foreign exchange revenue comes from, there are Islands being lost to the Atlantic Ocean. While some of this loss is being blamed on rising waters due to global warming, a majority of the loss is being blamed on erosion of the land.

While losing the land is not good, an intervention has taken place by the Heinrich Boll Foundation, to run a workshop on how to stop the effects of erosion. The workshop focused on teaching the native Islanders to embrace bio-technical intervention to control erosion. Also there were educational workshops on how planting trees and taking care of the land will lead to slower or no erosion of soil on the Island.

Even in a country that is half the globe away from us, measures are being taken to ensure that land is not continually lost to erosion. Prevention is key in keeping the land from going into the ocean and being lost forever.

To find out more on what is being done to prevent the Islands off Nigeria from going into the Atlantic, please check out the link below.