Green Destruction

One of the key questions which need answered when you hear about a building being demolished is, "what are they going to do with the land?"

Hopefully in the case of the GE plant in Bridgeport, won't hurt the nearby wetland.

GE is currently seeking approval from the Inland Wetlands Commision (IWC) to tear down the building which according to GE, "had no practical use." The IWC needs to give it's approval to the demolition because of how close it is to the Stillman Pond which feeds into another pond, which eventually ends in the Long Island Sound. Accroding to Thomas P. Cody, the attorney representing GE, "there should be no adverse environmental impact." However, when has anyone trusted what a lawyer said?!? GE needs to provide proof that the demolition will have no impact on the wetland area.

What do you think GE should do with this building? Should more studies be conducted about the environmental impact that tearing it down will have? Sound off by taking the survey below.