Create Your Own Rain Garden

I saw this article when I was surfing around on the web about building your own rain garden and wanted to share it.

If you're like me, you're probably thinking to yourself right now, what's a rain garden? Is it a garden where I plant rain? If the heck am I going to find a rain seed?!?

Ok, so you probably weren't thinking those last two, but thanks to the article on, a rain garden is "a shallow depression that is designed to intercept, treat and infiltrate storm water at the source before it becomes runoff." This is a cool concept because you are able to manage the runoff water that funnels down your rooftop, gutters, driveway ,etc. This allows you to use the water for your lawn and let it soak back into the ground instead of the water going into the storm drain.

Rain gardens are a perfect way to help improve the water quality while, in a sense, recycle the water for use on your lawn without increasing your water bill.

Would you build a rain garden if you knew it could save you money as well as help the environment? If you have a rain garden please leave a comment and let us know how you built it and what advantages you are seeing from it.

To learn more about rain gardens, check out