Chocolate Pudding

Believe it or not, we were all children at one time or another, and as children some of you may recall playing in a neighborhood stream, throwing the mud around and making "chocolate pudding" out of the small pools that collected on the sides of stream beds. Ever notice how cloudy the water got so easily? Well that same cloudy water, though interesting to a child...or maybe even an adult, is actualy near deadly to the natural wildlife that inhabits that stream. In fact that cloudy water/muddy water is like sadpaper going into the gills of coinhabitant fish and frogs alike. Furthermore this sediment often times covers fish and insect eggs which are layed and fertilized in the small pools alongside these streams. Most of the time this sediment washes away the eggs layed by local wildlife but more than likely it entombs young fish and insects before they have a chance to live.

Many of you might be saying, "so what, so some muddy water is hurting poor little fishies" well, if your saying that then your obviously not up-to-date on certain terms such as "eco-system" which definately defines the way of life along nearly every river or stream bank from here to the sudan.

On top of destroying the wildlife by way of mud, when eroded soil particles find they're way into this streams they can carry with them pollutants like oil, fertilizers, pesticides and most importantly bacteria, which can spread disease and decay to much of the plant life in and around the stream.

Destroying the eco system is one of the most common causes of global warming, and it starts....with soil....or chocolate pudding.