Bad Crops? Replant? Maybe...

The problem with soil erosion is that it takes away land where food can be planted for us to eat. If there is no land or the land is not able to be used, then prices for goods go up and supply for goods goes down. No matter where you stand on the topic of the environment, this is an issue of economics. Simple supply and demand from erosion is what will ultimately drive change!

Think about how much you are willing to pay for something like ketchup or even bbq sauce. The horror!!! Don't raise the price of my bbq sauce. Well unfortunately it will happen if the land that grows the crop which yields the ingredients to make my beloved bbq sauce.

Would you be willing to pay more for your favorite goods because of an issue that could be resolved if we just banded together to create solutions to curb soil erosion? What are some of your favorite foods you would be sad to live without?