Tips to Water Way Care

I found this article and it was very interesting how the little things can make a big difference when it comes to preventing erosion in waterways.

Here are the categories the article provides tips to in order to improve waterway erosion:

  1. Absorb or Use Rainwater
  2. Reduce Fertilizer Use
  3. Clean Up After Pets
  4. Properly Dispose of Chemicals, Waste, and Oil
  5. Be a Responsible Car Owner
  6. Become a Stream Monitor
The article will provide a deeper explanation of these categories with helpful tips so you can do your part on waterway/soil erosion.

I recently traveled I-84 leaving Portland, OR and heading to Boise, ID. The columbia gorge is a marvelous wonderment of rock formations, trees, soil, and waterfalls. It was amazing to see how much erosion is taking place due to a myriad of factors, including water breaking down rocks, soil, and trees. The wear and tear of nature combined with the tourists who are littering, picnicking, and generally not taking very good care of the land are having a profound effect on speeding up this erosion process.

This acceleration of land deterioration was more evident in the high traffic areas such as Multnomah Falls and other tourist attractions along the Interstate. Once you travelled past the areas where people have little or no access to, the cliff-sides off the gorge, while still looking a bit eroded, had very clearly been eroding at a slower pace.

The link to the article posted provides great information to help keep our land and waterways clear and help prevent less erosion. Following the tips provided in the article will not only help preserve the land, it will help teach the future generations to not only learn land conservation but also show them how beautiful the earth can be if we just take the time to nurture it.