Challenges in soil and water conservation

I found this article about challenges in soil and water conservation. It discusses how civilizations have thrived or collapsed due to either having or not having productive soil and clean water. This article should make you think about how not ensuring the renewability of the land will effect everyone, not just the land owner. After reading this article, think about ways in which unproductive soil would effect your life.

This article deals with how crop residue removal is creating a negative effect on soil as well as overall environmental quality. A new study conducted suggests that “crop residue removal can make no-till soils a source rather than a sink of atmospheric carbon.”

This is an important bit of information because thinking about residue removal sounds like it would be more environmentally friendly because you are “removing” the toxins. However this latest study suggests that we as a society need to change the way we deal with these soil and water issues in order to create an environmentally friendly and sustainable water and soil source.

In addition to talking about the new study, it also does a nice job of providing a potential alternative to crop residue removal.

Aside from alternatives the article mentions, in what ways do you think we as a society would be able to effectively remove these toxins from the soil without causing more harm to the environment?