Dirty Water? You May Be In Contempt of Court...

The water quality in the Florida Everglades is so poor that a judge nearly issued a contempt of court against the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency due to "its failure to stem mounting pollution in the Florida Everglades."

The Everglades are so polluted that they are in violation of the EPA's Clean Water Act. This not only affects the wildlife and plants in the Everglades, it also affects the citizens of Florida who may fish or drink this water. Some feel government regulation may be too strict, however without government regulation who knows how bad the water would actually be.

The main concern with polluted water in any part of the country or world is that the water on earth needs to be maintained and sustainable in order to keep being recycled and used for watering the food we eat, water for drinking, or even water for bathing.

What is your opinion on government regulations regarding water? Do you think there is too much regulation, or maybe not enough?

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