Composting boosts plant growth

Its a little known fact that using fertilizer made from kitchen scraps such as left over vegetables and fruits, and other grown plants can produce amazing results when it comes to the growth and developement of healthy plants.

Compost can be purchased at most local home and garden stores, but the best way to produce this "natural plant steriod" is to make your own, its easy! All a compost pile is decomposing organic scraps from plants. This decomposition, in order to get fully deveoped must be mixed with regular soil in order to produce the rich composition that can help plants grow. Essentialy what you have in the end is alot of rich soil which came from eroded soil and left over kitchen scraps.
The mass usage of compost is essential for farmers who have a very wide area to cover when growing crops. If this type of soil recycling is not used, soil erosion can happen and can make life very difficult for that particular farm.
By Jake Haworth