Recently, I found fantastic website that will calculate how much of different types of seafood are safe for people to eat. Although this site doesn’t have a Bluefin specific option, I thought it might be interesting for everyone to take a look at.

I know that I have been suspect of mercury levels in many different types of seafood and have limited my own consumption of fish thusly. The site tells us that, “for most people—including men, teens, older kids, post-menopausal women, and women who don’t plan to become pregnant—there are no limits on the amount or types of seafood that are safe to eat.” This was news to me, so I went through the calculations my own self to see what would be a healthy amount of farmed salmon would be. “Hypothetical health risks: Your hypothetical health risk from the mercury in farmed salmon begins at a weekly intake of: 199.9 ounces (12.4 pounds)

Meaning that I shouldn’t worry about mercury levels in the salmon I eat until I am eating more than 12 lbs a week for dinner. This is wonderful to know because I am not sure there is any way I could eat that much salmon.

Try out the calculator canned tuna yourself at: