Canada Opposes Ban on Bluefin Tuna

In Prince Edward Island, Canada 286 licensed fisherman will be affected by the proposed ban on the bluefin tuna. P.E.I. fishermen bring in 138 metric tones of tuna a year; believe “they have the most to lose from the ban”. The ban only effects exported tuna, which means in area like the Mediterranean will still able to fish for the tuna they will just not able to export it. Since the Mediterranean consumes their fair share of the tuna themselves ban will not really affect them. Where in Canada the majority of the tuna is exported, so the affect on Canada is greater.

For these fishermen their whole livelihood is wrapped up in their fishing boats and gear, so to lose their income can have adverse affects on these fishermen and their families. According to Scott Bruce, “Bluefin stocks have never been stronger…”
There needs to be a balance. If Canada is correct, and their stocks are strong and healthy maybe the Convention of the International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) need to take a deeper look in sustaining jobs as well, and only areas where there is truly a lack of sustainability.

Carol Fleury