TAG-A-GIANT: Helping to Learn More About Bluefin

By Kyle Laszlo

The Tag-A-Giant program, started in 1994 by Stanford University, has been working towards building knowledge about the Bluefin Tuna in order to help maintain the tuna in captivity and help with conservation efforts of the species. As of 2006, it has now grown into the Tag-A-Giant Foundation where their mission is, “to support scientific research, policy and conservation initiatives that promote a sustainable future for bluefin tuna.” The foundation has also helped to create electronic devices with the ability to track highly migratory marine life as well as genetic analysis of the species they are tracking. As of November of 2009, they were finishing their tagging program of Bluefin in Canada. You can read all about the program, join their mailing list, make a donation, or read and browse pictures of their adventures in attempting to catch and tag these amazing creatures on their website.