Sustainable Fisheries Partnership

Sustainable fisheries Partnership (SFP) is an organization that formed with the mission "to maintain healthy ocean and aquatic ecosystems, enhance fishing and fish-farming livelihoods and secure food supplies." They work with current seafood producers and buyers to help educate them on the urgent need to improve sustainable practices. They assist companies in progressing their facilities and practices with the idea that it will in turn help to secure the longevity of their business and the ocean's ecosystem. In addition to working directly with fisheries and buyers, they evaluate current fisheries and post their findings to help buyers choose fisheries that are working towards sustainable practices. These are the key factors by which they assess fisheries:

• Is the management strategy precautionary?
• Do managers follow scientific advice?
• Do fishers comply with the managers╩╝ decisions?
• The status of the spawning stock biomass
• The mortality rate of the current fishery
• Known unacceptable impacts – for instance through by-catch – on PET species

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-Elaina Barclift