Hope in Sight?

An international news program, Focus, recently gave an update on the bluefin tuna crisis. On a more positive note, France has decided to back a global ban on the sale of bluefin tuna in 18 months. Italy has also agreed to do so, while Monaco was the first to propose the idea. Spain, Italy and France were initially in opposition to the idea of a global trade ban. Focus reports, now Italy and France have changed their minds. This could mean good news for the bluefin tuna. The Focus program also reports that France alone makes up 20 percent of the allowable catch, a huge percentage coming from just one country. What the tuna really need is a break from fishing, so that the species can recover. A temporary ban could help do that. There is set to be an “international summit” in March that could make the global ban a reality.

The video also addresses the crisis fishermen face as they grapple with losing their livelihoods. Reporters briefly discuss the possibility of selling fishing quotas, government subsidies and using older fishing methods. The support of a global ban could be an important step in the right direction. It started with one country, Monaco, and gradually other countries are seeing the need for something to be done. The only problem, there isn’t a lot of time. If bluefin tuna will be wiped out by 2012, there is reason to act now.



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