Food Network Promoting Consumption of Bluefin Tuna, the Food Network's website, which includes recipes from TV chefs as well as individual users, currently has on their website 8 different recipes which call for Bluefin tuna specifically.

Three of the recipes are from Emeril Lagasse, including "Crispy Wasabi Potato Crusted Tuna," "Black Pepper Crusted Tuna Loin," and "Seared Tuna Steak Burger on Cilantro and Onion Roll" from an episode titled, "Funky Burgers." Another recipe for "Bluefin Tuna Carpaccio" is posted courtesy of the Katana Restaurant in West Hollywood.

Food Network also offers a Tuna Guide, which describes Bluefin tuna as "moister and fattier" than Yellowfin tuna, which are also endangered but not as critically as the Bluefin tuna. The guide has no disclaimer informing the reader these are endangered species.

First Robert Deniro's restaurant and now this? Celebrities and corporations have a responsibility as role models and influencers of opinion to act consciously. They need to have pressure put on them the same way that non eco-friendly restaurants and businesses do.

Help us let them know this is not acceptable!

Search for "bluefin tuna" at, then in just a few minutes you can create an account to post comments after these recipes.

Or write to the Food Network at

By Jasmine Winchell