The End of the Line: Join the Campaign

The End of the Line, an independently funded documentary which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, was released in the US and UK in 2009. The documentary, which focuses on the overfishing of bluefin tuna, was filmed over two years and follows investigative reporter Charles Clover as he travels the world conducting interviews with people such as politicians and restauranteurs, who seem to care little about the extinction of bluefin tuna. The film explains exactly how consumers are managing to destroy bluefin tuna populations, but also focuses on the seafood industry as a whole.

Scientists in this film claim that if we continue fishing the world's oceans the way that we are, that MOST SEAFOOD in the world's oceans will be depleted by 2048! Hence its subtitle, "Imagine a World Without Fish." Not only would that be sad to fish lovers, but would cause starvation on mass levels in nations which rely on fish consumption for protein.

The film is not against fishing, but has three simple messages: ONLY eat sustainable seafood, get the message out to politicians, and to join their extensive campaign to save not only bluefin tuna but all seafood. More information on this film can be found at

This is a great documentary! Please watch it and tell your friends about it!

More information will be posted if a local showtime is confirmed, but the film is also available on Netflix.