How Much is Sushi Worth to You?

Many connoisseurs of sushi may not think about the adverse effects their eating has on the environment. Actually, as consumers of food products sold in the United States, does anyone really know the cost our food consumption has on the world? Should every food source be required to attach with it a sustainability clause stating the cost its production had on the environment?

Many of us would say no, that is way to extreme. However, what happens when a creature is being harvested at record numbers from our oceans and is facing a possible extinction, shouldn’t the consumers be told then? This is the case for bluefin tuna. In hopes of possibly making consumers aware, a suggestion has been made to label sushi that is prepared with bluefin as “endangered”. This will allow the consumers to be informed and hopefully decide on a more environmentally sound decision.

To read more about the restaurant debate, please read the following article.

Tanya E.