Earth friendly plastic on the way

Plastic water bottles. One of the biggest problems that we are facing today is the lack of recycling of these bottles. We see them as quick and easy for on the go travel but the planet see's them as toxic. Our land fills are filling up with these bottles just because most are too lazy to recycle them at the proper facility.

I recently found an article that directly relates to this problem and has a solution to it! This article (Koreans make plastics without fossil fuel chemicals) was posted on the front of cnn's website and caught my attention.

It seems that these Korean scientists have found a way to produce the polymer that is used in everyday plastic products like water bottles without using fossil fuel chemicals. This means that these plastic polymers are planet friendly and biodegradable! Currently, these types of polymers are being made from fossil fuel chemicals which of course are hurting the planet.

Although the article did not mention when these new polymers will start to be mass produced, it will be a huge defeat over the traditional plastics we are using today. I can't wait for the day when water bottles are actually not hurting the environment!