Amazon Sludge the Secret to Success

Sludge. Slime. Goop. Whatever you call it, it is not pretty. While the Amazon dark soil might not win a beauty contest, it could be our ticket to solving some of Earth's biggest problems. Known as Terra Preta, this dark soil is on the cutting edge of technology to stop and even correct our massive carbon footprint.

In a story I found on, A German company is the first to create a facility on a large scale to produce this soil. It is a man-made soil that was developed thousands of years ago in the Amazon that we have just recently seen the benefits of. Being called the 'Carbon Sink' of soil, this ancient marvel can remove carbon from our atmosphere and trapping it.

While this strange soil might not be the full answer to our planet's rising problems, it has the potential to make a huge dent. This about this, using this soil in something as simple as a backyard garden could remove an individuals daily carbon footprint.

If this soil sparks your interest, you can check out the manufacture PalaterraGmbH&Co.