Air Car

New and expected to be in US by 2010 is the Air Car. What is it, well a company named Zero Pollution Motors is designing a car that will run on air. Yes, that is right air. Using air to manipulate the pistons instead of traditional gasoline combustion the car will create zero emissions. While at high speeds with the combined use of air and gasoline to create heat to meet the required pressure to move the pistons, the car still has a greatly reduced emission than the typical gas powered automobile, topping out at 96 mph. This new technology allows the car to travel an estimated 848 miles on a meagerly eight gallons of gas. Guy Negre, an F1 racecar engineer first originated the idea. The MDI Group developed the Air Car, receiving funding from Tata Motors, based in India.

The Air Car body is made of fiberglass and foam, seats six, and uses an in dash computer to display speed and RPM. An on board compressor allows the air tank to be filled by plugging it into an electrical outlet. To learn more