What is the Best kind of Wood to Burn?

When the leaves begin to fall shortly after that the temp falls leaving us with a decision to make. How to heat the house? Many of us use wood to fuel our heat source at home. Sometimes we want that hot fire that puts out extreme heat. Other times we just want a cozy fanned fire setting. I did some research on the two types of fires and found out a few tips that I will be using and you may want to check out for your self too. The Oregon State Forrest recommends to use hard wood for those extreme hot fires. The woods in the list consist of oak, ma drone, eucalyptus or walnut. If you are looking for a wood to maintain the heat or just want that romantic fire they suggest to use lighter woods such as pine etc. I hope that this can and will help some of our readers, and remember keep an eye out fore our Web Site coming shortly....C.Kempton......


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