Small Investments Can Pay Off Big

There are many small things you can do to save money and be environmentally friendlier. These projects are inexpensive (or free) but can make a dent in your home energy bill or reduce your fuel consumption in the long term. Here are 10 of my favorite projects for the home.
These are all easy to do and the materials and instructions are available at most home improvement stores.

1. Wrap your water heater in an insulating cover.
2.Weather strip around your windows and doors.
3.Clean or replace the filters in your furnace or air conditioner as recommended.
4.Set your washing machine temperature to warm or cold.
5.Hang clothes to dry if weather permits.
6.Use a low flow shower head.
7.Run your dishwasher only when full-your washing machine too.
8. Use your microwave rather than the oven when possible.
9.Lower the temperature on your water heater.
10.Insulate your water pipes.