In Between

It seems that who ever you are and where ever you live you depend on different sources of energy. These sources range from gasoline, diesel, propane, electricity, charcoal and wood. All of these sources are linked to something that we all need or use. The things we need or decide to use have limited options at this point and time. There are those of us that have limited choices depending on our demographic location or economical status. We all would like to see an alternative to fuel. This may be for different reasons like the price, environment or other reasons. What ever the reason may be we are limited to sources as of now. There are the obvious ways to save money on energy. If you are a consumer of fuel you may think drive less, carpool,or find an alternative station with lower prices. All of these products cost money and the supply and demand controls there price.
What if we found ways to utilize and get the most out of the product we need or choose to use? For example, we all use electricity and depend on it for most household objects. The power companies look for more efficient ways to generate power and we as consumers try and manipulate the use as much as we can. We may by products that say more efficient or turn things off when we are done with them, but there is something in between that company and our product. How many of you recycle certain products? What if there was a way to recycle energy? For example, when we use a fan we use energy to run it and when we unplug it, it stops working. When energy is used it feeds something to turn on. What ever the thing be that uses this energy, why couldn't the energy being generated from the product be stored in a module in the product? The energy would be recycled. If we run our fan for three hours and unplug it, the module would have three hours of recycled energy stored for use without being plugged in the wall. What this would do is you would be able to cut your power bill in half. It is just an idea, but with the right engineering it could be a step into the future for us.