what's beyond gasoline?

While current trends are to go with hybrid cars, these cars still use gasoline. This small step makes a significant impact on fuel emissions that harm our planet. But what is our next step? How do we go beyond the consumption of fuel? The truth is that there are many different options, which perhaps hinders the mass production of any one kind of vehicle that does not run on gasoline. These options include but are not limited to hydrogen cars, electric cars ans even cars that run off of compressed air. So why aren't these options more available? In my opinion it is because there are so many options that one options has not emerged as a front runner, but also because many options need special fueling stations that are not in place. This makes mass production difficult because consumers wont buy them since they have no where to fuel up with hydrogen, compressed air or charge an electric car. Unfortunately our choices as consumers are limited because of the lack of availability of places for non-petroleum based fuel. We need to educate ourselves as to our next step away from gasoline and be aware of different options so that we can continue to affect change and save out planet.