What about the Future?

For more than thirty years, people who have talked about the environment have been considered to be alarmists and extremists. Only now do we start to listen to these people and understand that we really do need to change our ways. But this issue is beyond just this one issue.
The environment is only one issue that confronts us. What we need to consider is that oil is running out. As the supply dries up the prices for the remaining amounts will skyrocket. People will not be able drive their cars or heat their homes. Transportation costs for food and other supplies will escalate. Jobs will dry up and industry will crumble. What we saw over that past few years will be a fond memory.
The only way that we can stop this from happening is to create new and effective industry that will need to be in place before all this happens. By making these industries environmentally friendly we will be stopping, or at least slowing, environmental degradation. New technology will bring about new industry. New industry will create new jobs. New construction techniques will allow for cleaner and less expensive living.
We can no longer hold back. If these and any future technologies are not in place within the next few years it may be too late. I only hope that this Blog and the adjoining website will inspire people to take these first few steps to begin this journey.