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Cash for Clunkers

Rest assured that this is not another article about the so popular program “Cash for Clunkers”. Nowadays everywhere you go, you will hear more coverage about this program. Of course it will not affect you unless you have an old gas-guzzler car. The program is funded by tax-payer dollars and so far the program has been effective. Simply put, you can trade-in your old gas-guzzler car for a new more-efficient car and the Federal government will kick-in up to 4,500 towards the purchase. Sounds enticing, doesn’t it? From an environmental prospective, taking off the road old cars and replacing them with more-efficient newer cars is a great way to make our environment happy. An obvious reason is because the newer models will burn less fuel; and therefore, less carbon footprint. Today, car-makers are more environmentally conscious than, say, 20 years ago which means that today’s cars are more environmentally friendly than its predecessors. In addition to this, this program pushes the government to become less depended on foreign oil. I know this sounds like a long term goal or objective, but if you think about it is very possible. More fuel-efficient cars on the road equals to less fuel consumption and therefore, less fuel demand. This will result in fewer burning of fuel on American soil which also equals to better overall air and environment. I believe that this program is an excellent program that will not only help the environment but also will reduce the amount of money people spend on gas.

This is an informative video about the program:


Re: Badr Alyamani