On the Streets of China, Electric Bikes Are Swarming

The cost of gas has skyrocketed in the past few years, and we are all aware of the repercussions that excessive fuel emissions cause to the environment. So, car manufacturers, environmental groups, financial groups, and every day citizens have been trying to find ways to fix the problem and come up with ways for cars to use less gas.

There are a lot of tips out there for saving on gas mileage and saving your money instead of pouring it into your gas tank. You can turn the air conditioner down, inflate your tires, use your cruise control, and so on. There are also a lot of new engineering innovations that are reducing the amount of gas cars use of replacing it with another form of energy like electricity. But even with electric cars, which can only go for 40 miles at the most on a charge, there is a back-up gas tank and all the gas saving tips you can find still don’t keep fuel emissions from the air or money from coming out of your pocket.

So maybe it’s time to take a lesson from some of the countries overseas. Maybe America just isn’t thinking about saving gas money and the environment in the right way. Instead of saving gas or coming up with a way to use a different kind of fuel for our cars, maybe it’s time to get rid of our cars!

Electric bikes are a hit in China. There are so many cars there, that there’s ridiculous rush hour traffic congestion and a thick haze of gas in the air. But now, China is embracing the electric bike. It doesn’t use gas, it gets them to work, and it saves the environment. In fact, instead of a car, isn’t just a plain old-fashioned pedal bike sometimes better and more efficient?

Okay, so it isn’t always going to be practical to replace your car with an electric bike or a horse and buggy. Some commuters travel too far to use this type of eco-friendly transportation. But for the times that you just need to run up to the corner store, why not hop on an electric scooter and save a few quarters and some air quality?

On the Streets of China, Electric Bikes Are Swarming - TIME


By: Mazen A