Next Time Out, Try This!

The next time you are out driving around town running errands or going to work, ask yourself if you planned accordingly. With rising fuel costs many drivers are seeking alternatives to cut costs where ever possible. I offer a few questions that you could answer and try implementing next time. As simple as it may be, it works!

· Plan: Where do I need go? What is the shortest way there? Can I group multiples stops into one trip?
· Time: Do I go Before/During/After Rush Hour Traffic? Weekday or Weekend?
· Carpool: Do I plan outings with people who have similar destinations or needs (Food, Shopping, Work, etc…?
· Human Mobility: Is it close enough I could walk or ride a bike?

So the next time you head out plan accordingly by having all errands done on one day. Ask your neighbor, family, or co-workers if they have similar destinations. Lastly, if you have that impulse to drive, see if it can wait.

Below is a Carpool link for the Portland area:

By Brad B.