Just beginning...

As much as we have learned about the possible economic and ecologic benefits for automobiles, this is just the beginning. Automobiles are just one area that we need to look at for changing our energy usage. We also need to look at our homes and other buildings.
Think about it, how many of our homes leak energy? How many of our homes waste water? What a waste of money! While searching the internet for more information on automobile technologies I came across my new obsession, the Zero Energy Home.
This new way of construction takes into account many factors like the general area of the build as well and the immediate surroundings. It applies everything from energy efficient construction material to solar panels. When the home is done it is, if not completely energy efficient, than it is nearly so.
When I began reading about this I felt that homes and other buildings such as apartments, hospitals, and colleges could be built in the future using this idea. Older less efficient buildings could be retrofitted to become more efficient. These thoughts all came together with something I had been thinking about for a long time, I had the idea of trying to get my community to start a program for putting solar panels on the roofs of buildings. Another thought was to get to town to build those windmills that produce power. We could also start a water reclamation project. The two things that my community has an abundance of are wind and rain. My idea was to make this a community project instead of depending on individuals.