Is your car a clunker?

The Cash for clunkers program or CARS is underway and with the senate approving more money for it you might be wondering if you should trade your car in for the $4500.00 credit towards a new vehicle. In order to help you find out if you should look a little more closely at this program to see if your car is in fact a clunker, here are the top 10 most traded in cars for the cash for clunkers program.

1. 1998 Ford Explorer

2. 1997 Ford Explorer

3. 1996 Ford Explorer

4. 1999 Ford Explorer

5. Jeep Grand Cherokee

6. Jeep Cherokee

7. 1995 Ford Explorer

8. 1994 Ford Explorer

9. 1997 Ford Windstar

10. 1999 Dodge Caravan