From Smart Cars to... ?

I received an email from a friend a few days ago. He knew about the EcoMerge blog and our class project, and thought that I would appreciate this:

The Smorvette!

The Smorsche!

The Smerrari!

The Smambourghini!

And last but not least... The Smustang!

Obviously, this mass email has been going around for a while... and is a spoof on the Smart Car.
But I walked away kind of hoping for car companies to come out with some totally rad versions of the Smart Car. Personally, I would have so much fun with a Smorsche!

If we could make fuel economy cars cool... it would be a whole lot more appealing to the young hip crowd. I'm sure the people who created these images were doing it for a good laugh, but they might just be onto something!

Would you be interested in a Smorts car?