Electric Cars in the News

On August 5, 2009 President Barak Obama announced that $2.4 billion in grant dollars would be used to aide in the production of electric cars. The money will be split among nearly 50 projects in 25 states to help increase the amount of jobs, while trying to solve the fuel crisis at the same time.

Grant recipients include: Johnson Controls Inc., of Milwaukee will receive $299 million to build battery packs and cells for hybrid vehicles at a facility in Holland, Michigan; General Motors Co., will receive $241 million to produce battery packs and the develop electric drive vehicles in Michigan and Maryland, and Ford Motor Co. will receive $92.7 million for electric drive components at plants in Michigan and Missouri. Of the new grants, $1.5 billion will go to the production of batteries and their components; $500 million will go for other components needed for the cars, like electric motors; and $400 million will go toward plug-in hybrid cars, training for technicians and related costs. (Associated Press) Oregon has also been chosen to be the one of the five test markets for all the new electric cars.

This deployment in Oregon will surely be the largest in the history of all electric cars. And Oregon will receive $99.8 million in federal funds to study electric vehicle usage. To reach their goal, Oregon will deploy EV charging stations and analyze the use of the stations in hopes that current trends will change and more people will drive the electric cars. “This investment is exciting news for Oregon as we work to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and for consumers who would rather plug-in than pay at the pump,” Governor Kulongoski said. “The state’s electric vehicle tax credit coupled with this latest partnership on electric vehicles will advance Oregon’s leadership role in our nation's transition to the next generation of new, cleaner vehicles.”

With the use of electric cars in Oregon, greenhouse gas emissions will decrease, thus keeping Oregon a green state; something that they are most certainly proud of and work very hard to keep.

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By: Kallie Martin