Driving habits to help you save fuel

Driving for most of us is a necessary evil. We have to get to work, We have to get the kids to school, we have to get to the t-ball game and to grandmas house but we can't forget to stop and pick up a pizza on the way. These are only a few situations that we use our vehicles for. Most of us can't stop driving all together. But we can learn a few ways to drive that can help improve our fuel economy.

1. Lighten your load! - Carrying excess weight in your vehicle can reduce your fuel economy. According to fueleconomy.gov 100 pounds in your car can help you loose 2%

2. No speeding! - Speeds over 55 MPH can reduce your MPG's! So can driving aggressively!

3. Cruise along!- Using your cruise control keep your speed from fluctuating,and therefor can help you save money.

4. Overdrive it! - Using overdrive makes your car's engine speed go down. This saves gasoline, as well as wear on your engine.