Using a GPS Device Can Help Drivers Save Fuel

One of the simplest and cheapest things that any driver of any vehicle can do to save fuel cost is to invest in and use a GPS automobile navigation system or receiver. Not only can they save fuel by guiding the driver to their destination along the most direct path, they can also help prevent the driver from getting lost so they don’t waste time and fuel searching unfamiliar territory once they’ve become disoriented.

Many GPS devices, in addition to turn-by-turn visual and audible directions, have a road advisory option that will warn the driver of heavy traffic along their chosen route and offer detour alternatives that will get them to their destination much quicker than idling in a traffic jam.

Also available on many of these GPS automobile navigation systems are map features that graphically show where all the gas stations are located in proximity to the driver’s current location so a driver never has to blindly take a freeway exit, hoping to find a gas station.

In a recent study, drivers that use GPS navigation systems have lower stress levels while driving because they are not worried about getting lost or missing street signs. They actually feel safer and drive more efficiently when using a GPS device which saves them time and fuel. And in a research study by NAVTEQ, the leading global provider of GPS digital maps, those fuel savings are estimated to be around $200 per year which will more than pay for most GPS devices on the market.

If owning an in-vehicle or portable GPS device isn’t for you, there is always the wireless option offered by most cell phone providers that, for a monthly fee, allow drivers to use the GPS Navigation features in a GPS-enabled cell phone.

Posted by Mark H. Baker