Summer Road Trip Fuel Saving Tips

With the economy the way it is and summer road trips and vacations just around the corner, it seems like most people are going to try and find ways to save some money on fuel costs. Trying to cut back on fuel consumption does not have to be a drastic change; it can instead be a slow process with gradual changes. And these small changes will add up and lead to even greater savings not only monetarily but also environmentally.

Road trips are always fun, especially when spent with the right music and people. Instead of cutting out road trips all together, plan out what places you want to visit and estimate just how much fuel will be needed and try to cut out any externalities that you could go without with. Write out all the places that will be visited on the trip and calculate all the miles traveled and all the money that will be spent on fuel. There is a website,, which will calculate the distance traveled, how much CO2 will be produced, and about how much fuel will be used for a trip. It even gives directions too!

Then with everyone that is going on that road trip, determine possibilities and areas where less fuel could be used. By just being aware and seeing how much fuel could be used and how much we spend on fuel can lead us to change our habits. Not only will there be money saved, but also a cleaner environment and air because of less carbon exhaust from cars.

Maybe a summer road trip across the country wasn’t planned for this summer already. Everyone should still have time to relax and unwind. So consider turning your backyard into an escape, plan a fun picnic with neighbors, play some outdoor games, or set up a tent and go camping in the backyard with some delicious s’mores.

I highly recommend going to to calculate how much fuel costs are used for road trips. Just imagine all the savings possible if everyone where to cut back just a little this summer! There would be cleaner air, and more money in our pockets. Enjoy your vacations and remember the vast savings of cutting back just a little bit on fuel consumption.

Here is an article about additional ways to save on fuel during road trips:

By: Rebecca Mark