Posted by Badr Alyamani

In an interesting article posted by CNN Money, gas-saving myths and misconceptions were tackled and explained. Such myths are believed to be true especially when gas prices skyrocket and increase. The gas-saving myths are:

1. Filling your car tank in the morning

According to Consumer Reports, the temperature of gas differs throughout the day which makes filling up gas in the morning has little-to-no benefit at all.

2. Using premium fuel instead of regular fuel

The article mentioned that modern car comes with sensor technology that detects the type of fuel and adjusts the spark plug timing accordingly. It will only result in a slight change in horse power but not reduction in fuel economy

3. Over-inflate tires

Over-inflating tires do cause “slight” improvement in fuel efficiency. However, it causes the driver to have less control of the car when braking and turning which is incredibly dangerous

4. The use of air-conditioning

The fourth myth is whether turning off the air-conditioning will result in more efficient fuel consumption. The article agreed that air-conditioning makes the engine works harder but it will only result in a slight improvement in fuel economy. Something that is barely noticeable

5. The change of car’s air-filter

Whether the air-filter is dirty or clean, it will not make the car uses more or less fuel. However, the engine power is what will suffer from a dirty air-filter.

Posted by Badr Alyamani