An online article published recently by MSN Auto suggests 10 tips that drivers could do to squeeze the most mileage out of every penny they spent at the pump. Here are the tips:

1. Stop Driving Like a Maniac

2. Limit Use of the Brake Pedal

3. Observe Posted Speed Limits

4. Use Cruise Control Whenever Possible

5. Avoid Excessive Idling

6. Turn the AC Down

7. Pulse and Glide

8. Plan Trips Ahead of Time

9. Keep Up With Maintenance

10. Get Rid of What You Don't Need

According to the Federal Energy Information Administration, the U.S. demand for gasoline has increased by 0.4 percent, an average of 9.2 million barrels since last year. This is a result of the decrease of gas prices this year compared to last year. Of course if people do follow these tips we can actually decrease the use of gasoline and increase fuel-efficiency.

To find out more these tips click on the following link:

Posted by Badr Alyamani