I Believe...

I believe that consumers need to stand up and say in one voice that the current way of doing business is unacceptable. As automakers vie for federal assistance and filing for bankruptcy they are also laying off employees and making cars that run on oil. They have the technology. While Hybrids may seem like the answer to the problem, people need to really think whether or not these cars are an answer or just a way to keep the status quo.

I believe that automakers need to take the step in auto-technology. A few years ago I watched an episode of "Scientific American Frontiers". The episode was was hosted by Alan Alda and was called "Hydrogen Hopes". This episode is from 2005. The automakers have the technology. Now we need to demand they use it. As long as we run out and buy the latest version of whatever they are making without considering these things, we are contributing to their slowing down the process. When I watched this episode, I realized that the current Hybrids are not the answer.

I believe that now is the time. Automakers need public support. They need federal support. They need they goodwill of consumers. They need to take the next step. Below I am including a link to where this episode can be seen.


Mary Ellis