Hydrogen Conversion Kits?

Recently I had a conversation with a local auto mechanic and we discussed ways on improving fuel efficiency. His response was “Have you heard of hydrogen conversion kits for vehicles?”

I did some investigating into the hydrogen conversion kit and basically found the system can be purchased for a few hundred dollars. The installation in the engine area can be accomplished with in a few hours (If you know what you are doing).

How it works?
Hydrogen is pump into the air system and then mixed in the pistons to complete the fuel burn off. Why, because not all fuel is burned when the engine combusts (Wasting Fuel). Manufactures claim these kits improve fuel efficiency 30% to 60%. However, certain vehicles will vary based on engine size and speed.

For those consumers seeking an alternative to expensive hybrids, these conversions kits may be right for them. You save fuel, save money, and the environment. Consult your vehicle manufacture to ensure you do not compromise any warranties.

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By: Brad B.


  1. Hi Brad. I've been checking out water-fuel systems for some 5+ years now and have come to the same basic conclusion as you. It's a really good idea. I have not, as yet, installed it in my vehicle because my wife doesn't trust it from as soon as she heard the words hydrogen, oxygen and generator in the same sentence in reference to our vehicle. However, I understand the physics and the chemistry enough to know that this simple technology works.
    These systems typically use electrolysis of water (or sometimes resonant frequency) to split water molecules (H2O) into H & O. You end up with what's called HHO (or Brown's Gas as well as various other names). Hydrogen is fuel and oxygen aids combustion and when this is introduced into the air-fuel mixture it gives you several benefits, such as:
    1. More MPG (increased fuel efficiency)
    2. More horsepower (Maybe not a lot but sometimes it's noticeable)
    3.The engine runs cooler and more smoothly (less engine wear)
    4 Your engine cleans itself
    5 severely lowered exhaust emissions
    Mind you, you have to build or buy a gizmo that basically tells your car's computer that it's ok to have the extra oxygen without pouring more gas into the air/fuel mix, but that can be done with a couple or four resistors and maybe a switch if you want it.
    If you want another site to check out, try http://www.water4gasstore.com/?Click=204. There's actually an updated version of the book(s) for free, other than giving your email address.
    I believe that the next economy will be based on HHO/hydrogen and the technology for it.
    For what it's worth.


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