Hydrogen Conversion Kits?

Recently I had a conversation with a local auto mechanic and we discussed ways on improving fuel efficiency. His response was “Have you heard of hydrogen conversion kits for vehicles?”

I did some investigating into the hydrogen conversion kit and basically found the system can be purchased for a few hundred dollars. The installation in the engine area can be accomplished with in a few hours (If you know what you are doing).

How it works?
Hydrogen is pump into the air system and then mixed in the pistons to complete the fuel burn off. Why, because not all fuel is burned when the engine combusts (Wasting Fuel). Manufactures claim these kits improve fuel efficiency 30% to 60%. However, certain vehicles will vary based on engine size and speed.

For those consumers seeking an alternative to expensive hybrids, these conversions kits may be right for them. You save fuel, save money, and the environment. Consult your vehicle manufacture to ensure you do not compromise any warranties.

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By: Brad B.