How to save gas on your summer travels

Since it's summer, now's a great time to head on over to the beach to enjoy cooler temperatures. But what about those rising gas prices? Since not all of us can afford to run out and buy a new hybrid, we should all take a few tips to make sure we are getting the best mileage out of our current car that we can.
Here are ten simple tips to help make you more gas efficient:

1. Check your air filter.
Clean air filters can improve your car's gas mileage by up to 10%.

2. Get your tires aligned.
By not having a proper alignment on your car, your engine has to work harder. Saving your car this extra work can can you up to 10%.

3. Tune it up.
By keeping your engine clean and tuned up, you can save up to 4%.

4. Keep your tires inflated.
By keeping your tires inflated you can save an average of 2.8%.

5. Check your gas cap.
Caps that are cracked, broken or not tight enough can let fumes escape and even evaporate gasoline. you can save about one cent per gallon.

6. Don't be in such a hurry.
By slowing down 5 miles an hour, you can save up to 7%.

7. Don't be a jerk.
Drive smoothly. By not starting or stopping your car in a jerky movement you cansave up to 66 cents a gallon.

8. Don't ride the brakes.
By easing up on the brake pedal, you can save up to 35%.

9. Lighten your load.
Overpacking your car can be costly. Infact, for 100 less pounds of luggage you can saveup to 2%.

10. Don't let yourself idle.
Leaving you car idling can waste more gas then starting it again. You can save 1 cent forevery minutes of not idilng.

There they are, 10 great and easy tips to help you save money and be more fuel efficient for our busy summer of traveling.

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Anna Ellis