GPS Man!!!

Technology is so great, one can just not say enough about it. It has made our lives much easier and when it come right down to it provides us with ways to reduce the waste of resources and time. One type of technology that has been flying under the radar, not really radar but satellites, are Global Positioning Systems. Otherwise known as a GPS. Originally developed for the military, civilians now have the option to benefit from this technology. The way it works is rather complex but let’s see if we can break it down to be better understood. The geometry goes like this; the points of a known location can be accurately determined relative to two other points of known location, kind of like a triangle. As a result the GPS can determine where you are using satellites as reference points and radio signals. It is very accurate. Well that’s all fine and good but what is the reason this might be of a benefit. Well of course if one is lost, or their car is stolen it would be a great tool in aiding those situations. There are certain questions that can be answered by Global Positioning System:
1. Where am I?
2. Where am I going?
3. Where are you?
4. What’s the best way to get there?
That final question is key in what added benefit the GPS provides. We are now using the GPS as a tool to allow us to be more efficient in getting from point A to point B. When that happens our fuel efficiency increases. Business all over are literally cashing in on this technology and have seen savings at the gas pump. A survey commissioned by Motorola found that 50% of businesses using GPS’s had a reduction of traveling distance of 231.2 miles a week saving $51,852 in annual savings. The GPS can show the driver the route that is most efficient to save time and thus expending less fuel. If that isn’t a good enough reason to get a GPS the added bonus is said that it could reduce the CO2 emissions into the air. So it’s a win win opportunity. It is said that the GPS can pay for itself in a reasonable amount of time with the savings at the fuel pump. Some vehicles are already equipped with them. If not, it is worth looking into purchasing one. There are many on the market and depending on your specific needs what the cost will be. And if you’re only using to find a certain restaurant, drop your car off at the shop; the more it’s used the more you will be helping out the environment in general. Fewer resources are being used and the ozone layer will be less affected. GPS man!!

Vickie Wheatley