Easy Ways to Save 20% on Fuel Costs

With gas prices slowly creeping their way back up to three dollars, summer vacations are likely to suffer. Here are ten easy ways to make sure that your summer road trip doesn't put a whole in your pocket

1. Studies have shown that on average one in four cars needs a new air filter. Changing your air filter regularly can improve gas mileage by 10% saving up to 20 cents per gallon.

2. Poor tire alignment causes tires to wear out more quickly, which, in turn causes your car to work harder. Aligning your tires can improve mileage by another 10% and help save 20 cents more per gallon.

3. More than a quarter of vehicles on the road are driving on tires with low air pressure. Making sure your tires are pumped up can improve gas mileage by 3% saving you 6 cents per gallon.

4. It's been estimated that 17% of cars have a broken or missing gas cap not only releasing harmful fumes into the atmosphere but costing you 1 cent per gallon.

5. Get a tune-up. A properly maintained engine can improve gas mileage by up to 4% saving 8 cents per gallon.

6. For every 5 miles per hour you reduce your speed on the highway you improve gas mileage by 7%

7. Driving more smoothly by doing things like leaving early can save you 66 cents per gallon. Driving while stressed or tired can decrease focus making driving more erratic which is harder on your vehicle.

8. Empty your car. For every 100 pounds of extra weight you remove from your car you increase fuel efficiency by 1-2%

9. Use your breaks as little as possible. Manage your speed and positioning on the road to decrease the necessity of using your breaks. Excessive break use can increase gas consumption by 35%

10. Last but not least avoid idling. Turn off the engine when stopped for more than 30 seconds. For every three minutes you avoid idling you save 1 cent per gallon.

If you want to save even more money the company BuyGreenGasoline has developed a fuel additive called "The Right Stuff." When added to your gas tank it alters fuel structure increasing gas compression which not only drastically improves fuel consumption but allows your engine to operate at a lower temperature, reducing emissions.

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Andrew Helton