What's Wrong with the Old Green?

With green becoming the trend, people tend to scramble for the new gadgets and the new products that can be marketed as green, and the green products generally tend to be pricier. But what about going back to the old ways to be green? There was a time when not everything was chemical-based and when there was no reason to go green, because civilization already was practicing green in many of the day to day activities. Some of these solutions can be found here: http://www.esquire.com/features/green/green-products-0409, and I will summarize information of some of the products below.
There’s the old-fashioned mower that few people use these days. You know, the ones that didn’t run by gasoline, and you certainly couldn’t ride them. They’re the ones you manually push that have the rotating blade to clip the grass. They’re quiet, don’t have any emissions, and you’ll likely get a pretty good workout.
Following that, there’s the milk paint. Yes, that is what people used to use. Milk, the mineral lime powder, and some color mixed together to make an odorless, long lasting paint. Since the 1970s a company titled Old-Fashioned Milk Paint Company has been making the paint in powdered form and there is now some interior paint that they sell. They’re also fairly affordable and there is a large array of colors to choose from; just check out milkpaint.com.
There are of course many old-fashioned, naturally green products available, they just need to be searched for. Green isn’t really a new trend, it’s a renewed trend and you don’t always have to go for the newest green product that is overpriced to really be green. Sometimes the best thing to do is go back to what our grandparents and great-grandparents used…even if it does require a little more work to do it the old way.