Self-Esteem and the Environment

In most societies today, physical beauty is a main interest. Advertising and television and movies and the media in general spend a lot of time showing images of 'beauty' that make people feel as if they must aim for an ideal of such high physical standards.

What does this have to do with the environment?
The environment does not have to be THE one and only Environment, but instead it is the many environments we find ourselves living in. If we are concerned with physical beauty issues then you can bet we will use our power as citizens to try to achieve the results we desire. Our power, most of the time, is present from the money we have. Therefore, if we want something then we can usually use money to get it. When we surround ourselves with images of ideal beauty, then our 'wants' and 'needs' shift toward that desire and our money usually follows.
The more people desire these ideals, the more money they spend, then the more resources are made to satisfy these demands and the harder it is on our natural environment.

What can you do about it?
Rethinking our desires is a smart step to begin. Is that new fashion necessary? Do I need to buy those new basketball shoes when the ones I have now are perfectly wearable?

In many modern societies, the problem for each person is one with self-esteem. The various media sources may make men and women feel like they are insufficient and need to buy this or that product to 'fit in' or be 'happy'.
However, as I see it, the problem is NOT with you or me. Most of these ideals are created as a scheme for major companies to get more money and prosper in the greater economy.

Here is a website with some tips for self-esteem:

It is important to have a good self-esteem because with confidence comes good decision-making. With good decision-making comes more mindful actions, which can result in the greater environmental change (among many other things) that our world needs.

-Khaled Almazrouei