Blow Away Energy Costs

Residential windmills are now a reality. Smaller and more efficient electricity generating windmills offer many benefits not the least being a lower electrify bill. They are clean, relying only on the blowing wind, and can reduce electricity costs as much as eighty percent. With even a single tower and 10 mile per hour winds, electrify cost can be as little as four cents per kilowatt. If the wind speed drops below that, a standard system will simply switch back to the regular energy grid. The cost of such a system can be as little as $8,500 which would recouped in cost saving within only a few years. There are also many sources available that provide simple step-by-step instructions for building your own home windmill, obviously with more cost savings.

The system is very simple. Wind turns the blade of the windmill which in turn, turns a metal shaft. The metal shaft is situated between a set of magnets. This process generates electricity which is then fed into the home power supply.
At wind speeds of 20 miles per hour, excessive electricity will be produced. This can be either be stored in a battery for later use, or, and this is the good part, it can continue to be fed into the home supply which will then back feed into the public power grid. This process will cause your meter to run backward, thus actually paying your electricity bill. This system is so green it not only saves money and energy for you but can help reduce energy usage for others.

by Erik Richardson