Making Packaging Eco-Friendly

Frito Lay has showed great innovation by creating a plant based bag for Sun Chips that is due to be on the market by Earth Day 2010. The bag is expected to be fully compostable from home and made from renewable resources.

In addition, HP has designed a laptop that come in a messenger bag and Jedlicka Design has redesigned its CD spindles and memory card packaging by using fewer materials.

Clearly, these companies are thinking of ways to use packing to the marketing advantage without being harmful to the environment. Because the bags that house the Sun Chips will be made from renewable, non-petroleum resources, this practice will result in less greenhouse emissions. It will take years to expand this practice throughout the entire Frito Lay product line; however, this is a great start! Including the packing ideas in the innovative ideas of the product at the start of a project will be helpful to continuing to be eco-friendly and expanding this effort.

Greener Design- May 20, 2009

Posted By: Nakita Ragsdale