Living Green

Living Green Made Simple:
I learned a lot how to live green through the class tin this term . I would like to give some tips about living green . Whether you are newly interested in green living or sustainability guru, our green living checklist will give you ideas for contributing to a healthier environment and a greener life for yourself , your family , and your community. Once you get started , you will be amazed at how many simple changes you can make to live.
How could we change energy user:
Change all your light bulbs to CFL’s or LED’s.
Lower your thermostat and water heater a few degrees.
Insulate your walls and ceilings.
Sign up for green power through your local power provider.
How do we waste and recycle :
Buy products with recyclable or minimal packaging , or better yet , no packaging.
Educate yourself, your family and your employees about recycling , composting and waste reduction.
Think about reusing ,repurposing or donating something before you recycle or throw it away.
How about buildings:
Use local green builders who focus on reducing waste , using non-toxic materials, and energy efficiency.
Get an energy audit for your home or business.
Invest in energy efficient upgrades on existing buildings , to save energy.
Green Transportation:
Walk, bike, carpool or take public transit to work whenever possible.
Drive a fuel efficient or hybrid car or scooter.
Consolidate travel by planning outing for maximum efficiency.
How about pollution:
Switch to eco-friendly cleaning, personal and home products.
Green Community:
Volunteer and donate to environmental and social causes.
Choose to support green businesses whenever possible.
Join environmentally focused council, groups and associations in your areas.
We can add more of these in our list. We all learn how to live green.
By Yasemin Candelen