Peddle Power

The United States of America is a great nation, however, it has a few problems. Two of these problems are obesity and pollution. Over 64% of Americans are consider overweight or obese; this fact causes many problem and issues, such as, diabetes, heart disease, increased heath care costs, etc.... the list goes on and on. The other problem America faces is pollution. Just in California the pollution has gotten so bad that they have special SMOG meters that let people know how safe it is to go outside! Also, you can't even use your home fireplace unless it's on only a few certain days.

There is a way to fix both of these problems with one easy solution – electricity generating bicycles. If every household in America invested in an electricity generating bicycle the benefits would be amazing. For starters, the consumption of fossil fuel energy would shrink; thus helping to clean the air we all breath. People would save money on electricity bills; thus giving them more disposable income to use on other things; thus stimulating the economy. Also, the electricity generating bicycle business could be a huge business growth opportunity to help jump start the economy. And finally a really important effect is that people would lose weight and be healthier. If people were in a healthier condition, then the out-of-control high cost of health care would become lower and in control.

People may think it's too expensive to install the bike and batteries necessary for this system, however, in a very short time the money saved by using it would pay for the initial cost. Also, the government could give some sort of rebate on the purchase of this system. Like when we change our rain gutter drains we get $50.

It would be nice to live in a world that was happy, healthy, with clean air, and people had a few extra dollars in there pockets; and the electricity generating bicycle system could help to make that world a possibility.